New/ Now/ Next SXSW Edition feat. Jungle, Jetta and Chance The Rapper

With SXSW drawing to a close we felt it only fitting to dedicate a special New/Now/Next to some of the best music to come out of Austin over the last few days! featuring Jungle, Jetta and Chance The Rapper.

NEW - Jungle

Shrouded in mystery is the 5 piece band Jungle, who have managed to escape the compulsory head and shoulder band press shot- or maybe with a name like Jungle their a little hard to find on Google. Either way these guys seem to inhabit a musical space left perfectly off the back of the funk infused 2013 smash hits “Get Lucky” and “Blurred Lines”. 5 years ago even this type of music was left to specialist DJ’s and the posh part of Notting Hill Carnival but mainstream seems to be taking a linking to the funk of late. Check out the B-Boy featuring video to single “Busy Earning” below.

Now - Jetta

One of the hottest tickets in Austin this week was for newcomer Jetta. The stunning singer has already set tongues wagging state side with Google turning to her stellar track “Feels Like Coming Home” to soundtrack one of their huge campaigns. Now whilst “Feels Like…" is definitely a tune it’s her moody guitar driven song “Start A Riot” that has me excited. Serving up a solid vocal along with a killer melody even manages to overshadow that beautiful face! Check out the (slightly budget looking) video for "Start a Riot” and remember where you heard it first!

Next- Chance The Rapper

You know theres something good coming when an artist can sit on a James Blake track and a Justin Beiber jam and sound right at home. 2013 saw Chance set up his buzz perfectly- aiming to take the baton from fellow Chicago Native Mr.West. At Just 20 years old he seems to be the rapper on everyones lips these days with his trippy, melodic brand of hip-hop. His voice is kind of annoying- in a euro-rapper kind of way but it’s hard to deny the dudes talented. I’m still waiting on the track that makes me believe in the hype 100%- but its definitely safe to say he’s got next- I mean he’s down with Beiber!