NEW VIDEO: Miguel - "Candles In The Sun, Blowin In The Wind"

miguel-candle-in-the-sun-video-600x337 "Candles In The Sun" This is by far my favourite song on Miguel's latest album Kaleidoscope Dream. I remembered the first time hearing this, I then played it over about 10 times (No Lie), maybe I was having a moment that day but this cut is incredibly well written; and Miguel delivery is just simply dope. With a beautiful song accompanied by beautiful imagery, I have to say this is a win win for me.

Diamond in the back, Babies on crack, Kickin' the door, Waving the four four White-collared war crime, money gets spent Candles in the sun, blowing in the wind (Take a look around) Sun goes down. Heroes often get shot, Peace has long been forgot got got got, Oh will it be too late once we find out? We're all that we got

Look out for Miguel supporting Alicia Key on her Set the world on Fire tour starting this May