NEWS: Jay-Z Welcomes Kyle Minogue to Roc Nation

Kylie Roc We never thought we we would see the day, but it's clear there is a plan in place over at the Roc Headquarters. We for one at TSG eagerly awaits the outcome.

What the Jay had to say...

"Roc Nation would like to welcome Aussie singer, recording artist, songwriter, actress and designer Kylie Minogue to the family.

In a career now spanning 25 years, Kylie has released 11 studio albums, two live CDs, eight live concert DVDs, a greatest hits double album, and multiple video packages. She has released over 50 hit singles worldwide, including the Grammy-winning Come Into My World, and has sold more than 68 million albums worldwide. Needless to say, we’re excited to have Kylie join the Roc fam.” – Roc Nation"