TECH: Nokia Launches Unlimited Music Experience With 'Nokia MixRadio'

We all have those moments when we wish we could have access to unlimited music, with no interruptions from ads or shouting DJ's after every two tracks...right?  Those moments have been promised to us time and time again by several different music streaming providers, but do they ever REALLY deliver? On Tuesday, Nokia Music invited The Street Gypsies to their uber cool Bristol HQ, so we can have a first hand experience with their new music service - Nokia MixRadio. What an experience that was! What we witnessed was simple, pure, unlimited bliss. Unlimited music is here guys, and it's brought to you by the return kings...NOKIA.


Nokia MixRadio enhances the Nokia user experience – giving users their own personal radio station by creating unique streamed mixes tailored to their taste. Users can also choose from thousands of curated mixes to enjoy - both by streaming and downloading.

The services you get free includes...

  • • Unlimited streaming of music for free (excl. network costs)
  • • No advertising
  • • Offline listening: Download entire playlists to your device (up to 4) for when there is no data connection
  • • ‘Play Me’ allows you to access your own personal radio station with a single button
  • • Over 150 locally curated playlists to kick start your music discovery
  • • MixShare - share mixes through social networks like Twitter and Facebook, via email or SMS, with recipients able to listen to 3 full tracks for free
  • • Discover live music with the integrated gigfinder that shows bands playing in your area, Plus – you can search by bands, venues or towns
  • • Consumers love the service – very high Net Promoter Scores, with an average 4.5 star consumer rating in Marketplace
  • • Live in 31 countries, with more being added all the time

Along with all the above, you have some very cool Musicologists in the Bristol HQ making sure you have the most human listening experience possible. Can you image being a DJ to the world? Well the guys/girls in Bristol can, because that is their job! They get the opportunity to create playlists based on research from music around the world, mixed with pure old fashion love of music. These 'Mix Masters' - governed by the one and only Jethro Borthwick really showed us just how awesome their jobs are.

Nokia MixRadio

The experience we had with 'MixRadio' and 'Play me' was topped by the opportunity to create our very own playlist. As nerve racking as it sounds, I had so much fun!

The mobile friendly Nokia MixRadio is available now on all Nokia Lumia handsets as well as various Windows 8 devices. If you’re a music lover, it would be silly not to check this out!

Nokia MixRadio Launch In NYC

Special thanks to our friends over at Mission PR.