OLD: Ciara - "Like A Boy"

ciara-like-a-boy-on-the-set-5-e While Ciara is busy inviting us to her "Body Party" we rewind back to February 2007 when she was at her peek. I remember when this video came out I could not stop watching it. Firstly because Ciara is FYNE and secondly because she reminded me of Aaliyah with a tougher edge. In this video we see Ci Ci asking her man "What if I had a thing on the side, made you cry, Would the rules change up or would they still apply" - bassically what would you do if the roles were reversed.

Long before Jesse J was "Doing it Like a Dude" Ciara had all her chick in baggy pants holding their crotches; of course with the help of choreographer Jamaica. Jamaica in my opinion is one of the dopest hip hop choreographers out there and it shows with this video. Go Ci Ci.

Ciara - "Like a Boy"

Ciara - "Body Party"