OLD: So Solid Crew - "21 Seconds"

pp0517_6 I went out to celebrate my friend birthday last night which turned into a MASSIVE old skool moment; so today I thought I would shake up the normally chilled-out Sunday afternoon with some old skool Garage.

For all the people on the other side of the world and are unfamiliar, So Solid Crew are an UK garage, grime and hip hop group originating from Battersea, London; who dominated the UK garage scene in early 2000 with their catchy yet streetwise lyrics. "21 Seconds" is one of those songs you would  hear in a club and just find yourself going "HAM" guaranteed to have the whole crowd singing and rapping along, and I mean EVERYONE.

The main members included founder MC MegamanLisa MaffiaRomeoMC HarveyG-ManAsher DOxide & Neutrino,  Skat D and Face. Check them out below.

The crew are currently on tour so to relive early those 'gun finger' moments, look out for tour dates before the final curtain call on Oct 5th.