REVIEW: Jessie Ware at O2 Shepherds Bush Empire

600436_479572505431345_2147425753_n This week TSG got to go down to Jessie Ware’s gig at O2 Shepard’s Bush Empire; and it was absolutely stunning; as stunning as the South London singer herself; who enthralled the crowd in a belly top and salmon coloured PVC poodle skirt (a modern 50’s pinup girl).

I’ve been listening to Ware’s music since she first came on the scene, and it was great to finally get to hear her sing live; she didn’t disappoint my ears (or eyes).

Stood downstage from her three-piece band, with her sampler close by, Ware sang songs both from her album Devotion and from a batch of recently recorded material.

The whole night had that feeling of ‘An audience with…’ and that’s what made it so enjoyable; Ware was able to not only command the stage, but to also make the audience feel like they were her friends; an intimacy that was achieved through her genuine affability and the fact that this girl can seriously crack a joke; this was evident when she spoke about her recent Southbank Award for 'Best Pop' and mocked her cringe worthy acceptance speech.

My favourite moments on the night were firstly when she performed Valentine -  replacing Sampha for the night was her drummer Dominic who was simply amazing (Ware refers to him as a young Michael Jackson) - and my second favourite was her performance of Say No To Love with the Goldsmiths Ensemble Choir.

The only down point to the gig is that Ware didn’t perform her Benzel cover of Brownstone’s Do You Love Me? (I LOVE THAT SONG!).

Enjoy some of Jessie Ware’s music below:

Twitter: @Jessie_Ware