REVIEW: MKS (Former Sugababes) Plays First Live Show At Scala, Kings Cross

music-mutya-keisha-siobhan-comeback-concert-7 A new month and a new start for a sort of new group! Friday night TSG saw the debut performance from childhood friends (turned enemies, then friends again) Mutya, Keisha, Siobhan (MSK). Now I could harp on about the history but it's safe to say you probably have a rough idea on how they got here. More importantly, last nights show proves that the drama that proceeded the event will eventually be irrelevant in the story that these three ladies are about to draft for themselves.

Hundreds of us packed into the already sweltering Scala eagerly antiquating their return to the stage. From the moment the cult classic "Overload" (including original choreography) bled through the speakers it was clear we were in for something special. All three of them looked stunning boasting a confidence and happiness that would make an X Factor winner look bitter and ungrateful. From the offset it was clear that these lot can sing! Individually none of them have been able to replicate the success that even their first album garnered so it seems only right that they should revisit what it was that made them so successful.

The hour long set consisted of a few sugababes classics (some of which Siobhán Donaghy wasn't even in the band for) but comprised mainly of new tracks from their upcoming album- set to be released on Polydor Records.. Highlights included "Today" penned with TSG favourite MNEK and the mid tempo harmony driven track "No Regrets".


Overall it was very clear that the ladies were ecstatic to be back on stage together. If I got one thing from the show is that through each other they've seemed to find something to remind them exactly how and why they started this journey. The way the campaign seems to be shaping up it feels like they're in control and won't allow the politics of the industry to lead them astray again and to be honest I doubt it will have a chance to. MKS are in a rare position right now. They're a re-incarnation of one of the most commercially successful girl groups in the last 10 years yet manage to demand attention from left field media outlets like Q and NME. With the right songs and the right vision we could see the ladies strike the perfect pop/indie balance to lead them to the top of both the charts and the end of year cool lists.