REVIEW: Sundance London Presents... Nokia's New American Noise [6 Short Films]

Capture-d’écran-2013-01-18-à-12.52.36 On Friday our friends over at Mission PR invited TSG down to Sundance London for the screening of the Nokia led project New American Noise. The collection of 6 films take a look into 6 cities and their respective music scenes. From the vibrant Bounce scene in New Orleans to the melancholy indie sounds of Portland each director takes a unique approach to cover their chosen subjects.

The New York episode features upcoming star Mykki Blanco as it covers the world of underground NY Hip Hop.  The collection of films also boasts A$AP Rocky's visual collaborator (Peso) Abteen Bagheri as the man behind the New Orleans film- which covers the "Sissy Bounce" scene.

All 6 films felt like they were pulling back the curtain to a world I knew nothing about- beautifully shot, the shorts only left me wanting to hear more from the artists who were interviewed for the film. Luckily they informed us that the new Nokia Streaming service has playlists on all the music involved! Be sure to check out the films below and visit the website for more details!


Atlanta: Atlanta Dream$

 New York: Spit Gold Under An Empire

Detroit: Lords of Detroit

Portland: Electric Noise

New Orleans: That B.E.A.T.

Los Angeles: SFV Acid