SHORT FILM: "My Mom Smokes Weed" by Clay Liford

mymomsmokesweed I came across this film on the net last year but I didn't get to watch it for some reason; well like many things in life you get second chances. "My Mom Smokes Weed" by Clay Liford is the Title of this short, but do not let the titles sway you, this is a very intellectual comedy which delves into more that just your regular herb fix. Enjoy.

This is a semi-autobiographical story of a son returning home to see his recently-widowed mother. A mother who happens to have a certain habit. Immediately upon his arrival, he discovers that his geriatric mom has run out of her supply. Now, he's tasked with taking her on a road trip 'downtown' to meet a dastardly group of pharmaceutical representatives to procure more special herbs for her stash.