SHORT FILM: The Bronze Woman Stockwell, Brought to you by Community Roots

I have found myself on numerous occasions travelling through Stockwell (South London) and being greeted by a huge Bronze statue depicting a proud black woman lifting a child above her head.  I remember always being filled with joy each time I saw the statue, but I had questions. The main thing that would come to my head is "who is this lady and why Stockwell." Well today thanks to the guys from Blackmale Beats I came across this short film that answers my question and so much more. This statue is the first public monument of a black woman in England, the realised vision of educator, author, musician, poetess and community activist Cecile Nobrega, 1919 -- 2013.

The Bronze Woman Stockwell - A short film by Community Roots

The Bronze Woman Monument was brought to fruition by Cecile Nobrega, The Bronze Woman Committee, Presentation Housing and Olmec.

Olmec is a BME led social enterprise that champions race equality through economic and social justice, and runs practical programmes designed to empower individual and communities facing disadvantage and act as a catalyst for positive social change.

the bronze woman stockwell

 Olmec continues the legacy of Bronze Woman with annual readings, workshops and community projects.

Creative team

Filmed & Edited by Oslerbec Dindo Directed By Oslerbec Dindo, Shem Lawrence & John Mayford Produced By Shem Lawrence Music By Blackmale Beats