FASHION: The Search For Sneakers

As spring approach I've seen myself face with an important decision. NEW SNEAKERS. Last time I bought a pair of sneakers was 5 years ago. Needless to say, no wardrobe is complete without a few good pair of sneakers for a proper casual look. I was looking for something original, not too common and most importantly that could be worn on an everyday basis. In my search, these were the four pair of sneakers I've ended up picking so far. I'll eventually have to narrow it down to one final choice but take a look and tell me what y'all think

  ----------New Balance----------



New balance are a good choice for many reasons. Affordable, slick, timeless you can never go wrong with those. They come in many colors so I have a variety of choice to pick. I particully love these one because of the colors and the way the compliment one another. The brown logo on the green makes the show catch your eyes immediately. Not to forget the red design in the interior of the shoes. Loved it

  ----------Kris Van Assche----------


Love the designs and the attention they put on allowing creativity with giving such a prominent place to the laces on the shoe. Many people can have the same pair of shoe but the laces allows you to rock it differently than a lot of these other people. Kris Van Assche did a good job on these. My only problem with the shoe is the lack of color other than that I AM A FAN.

 ----------Neil Barrett----------


Now these Neil Barrett are giving me EVERYTHING I NEED in my next pair of sneakers. Different and original, these shoes caught my eyes instantly. The mettalic fabric on the suede, the navy with burgundy and the slick designs makes me want to cop these immediately. What's making it difficult for me to pick em is the exorbitant price.

 ----------Juun J ----------


Now these Juun J go HARD. The snake's skin embroidery, the classic low cut makes these shoes so versatile. You can rock them with a pair of jeans and go take a walk with friend or dress it up and take them to the clubs or an evening events. Definitely a good choice if you're ready to spend big on shoes.