Solange Captures The Crowd at Williamsburg's Northside Festival This Weekend

IMG_6046 I'll be the first to admit it I was not a die hard Solange fan. In fact, her sophomore effort "So-Angel & the Hadley St. Dreams" was the only body of work I've ever heard from Bey's little sister. Though it was cleverly crafted and pleasing to the ear it wasn't enough to motivate me in the slightest to listen to her debut or even anticipate any of her future endeavors. I simply penned her as another Ashlee Simpson-sibling to a bigger and brighter star. That was until I inadvertently discovered her latest effort the eclectic EP simply entitled "True."

I had the pleasure of seeing this very underrated artist this past weekend at the Northside Festival in Williamsburg, NY. She  apparently has a huge following that would strongly disagree with my previous statement. Not only was I impressed with her enormous vocal ability and whimsical stage presence Solange managed to take me on a melodic joyride that transported me back to a time where music just made you feel good. Her sound wasn't manufactured unlike so many of her peers and you can definitely tell this songbird is willing to experiment with any genre until she has orchestrated something magical. I thoroughly enjoyed myself despite the absence of the sensual "Looks Good With Trouble." All I know is Solange you need to hurry up with your next project because you've certainly made a "true" believer out of me.




IMG_6036Words by: Gene Snead