Soul Singer Jem Cooke releases single "Only A Dream" Off Upcoming Salaam Remi Produced Album

Jem Cooke is a brand new artist with a lot to say about love and how to go about experiencing it. Cookie Jam, her mixtape released in November 2013 is a hard-hitting introduction to the soulful artist with a fresh perspective.

Her new single, Only A Dream, is an original track from her upcoming album that will also feature tracks from legendary producer Salaam Remi (Miguel, Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys). It’s a stylistically smart song layered with smooth keys with a tempo altering beat that allows for a transient experience as the song pushes to the end of its 3.51 minutes. Of course, Jem’s gentle yet amble voice is the center of all of the well-produced music allowing for a concerting experience as it builds to the traditional R&B bridge.

Jem Cooke’s mesmerizing tone adds the newness and the flavor. It’s, indubitably, a solid song that evokes a sweet mix of melancholy and sanguinity.

Check out the video below: