STREET ART: DALeast - Counterattack Company

Street-Art-by-DALeast-Counterattack-Company-5-Johannesburg-South-Africa-1 Street-Art-by-DALeast-Counterattack-Company-5-Johannesburg-South-Africa-2 Street-Art-by-DALeast-Counterattack-Company-5-Johannesburg-South-Africa-3 Street-Art-by-DALeast-Counterattack-Company-5-Johannesburg-South-Africa-4 Street-Art-by-DALeast-Counterattack-Company-5-Johannesburg-South-Africa-5

We at The Street Gypsies celebrate creativity daily and this Wednesday afternoon is no different. Today that's in the form of artist DALeast. What really stood out for me is the style and complexity of these pieces, I feel in love with this wrapping technique a few years ago while scrolling through the streets of east London, Shoreditch to be precise, I then did some research and came across  DALease  (still not sure the piece in Shoreditch belong to this artist) but Check this.

Counterattack Company – By DALeast. In Johannesburg, South Africa.