The Mrs Carter Show.... of Nipples?

Superstar Beyonce goes through some sexy costumes changes as she returns to top form on the 1st night of her Mrs Carter World tour at Kombank Arena in Belgade, Serbia Ok so I know I am stepping on controversial grounds now as the world is filled with 'Queen Bey' fans (I am even one of them to a certain extent).

However, I am really not appreciating her and the creative teams choice of 2 outfits. You know which ones I am talking about, the luxurious bodysuits embellished with jeweled nipples. I just don't get it. Is it just me? Do you understand the 'point' she is trying to make either? Ok if it is an expression of some kind, an expression of what?

I absolutely love her other outfits, she has adorned the Belgrade and Croatian crowd with. She has gone from being dressed by Mommy Tina Knowles to now being sort after by Ralph & Russo, Emilio Pucci, DSquared2, Julien Mcdonald, Peter Dundas and Stuart Weitzman designing her tour outfits.

beyonce nipples 2- Ralph & Russo

I'm just not understanding why Beyonce feels the need to be so outlandish and raw. I would expect this from Nicki Minaj even or V Bozeman aka That Girl V (Ceelo Green's artist/protege), but not Bey Bey. Some could say she is experimenting as she has always played it safe, who knows?

I just feel as though this whole 'Bow Down Bitches', stating she's the greatest attitude is actually going to cripple her her in the end as she is in a league of her own however, pulling stunts like this is only setting her back in my eyes and putting her below her than before non-competitors. You may agree or not agree , but this is my opinion.

I love you Beyonce for all that you have achieved, but I'm going to have to say NO to these antics now. PLEASE just STOP, I don't want to see any more NIPPLES!!!

Na x