The Street Gypsies Chat With Bart Sights (Dockers® & Levis)

This week The Gypsies had the pleasure of sitting down with Bart Sights - Director of Global Development for Levi's and Dockers, discussing Dockers new offering to the world of fashion -  Dockers® well as my obsession with one of the worlds first earthquake-proof building (Transamerican pyramid) and of course the weather. Yeah, we're cool like that! Dockers Wellthread Dockers® introduces Wellthread. The new line that highlights the latest and greatest in innovation and sustainable practices. They say, "In order for you to know where you are going, you have to know where you have been". Well, I think the team over at Dockers have taken that quite literally. The Dockers® Wellthread design team studied garments from Levi Strauss & Co’s impressive archives to see how the best clothing holds up over time. From their research, they developed a pilot collection which was later called Wellthread. Some of these practises are achieved by reinforcing garments points of stress and making buttonholes stronger and pockets more durable. Dockers Wellthread

Dockers Wellthread

Bart, a very cool, laid back kinda guy spoke very proudly of Levis Strauss & Co's founder Mr Strauss; who alongside tailor Jacob Davis has been creating durable garments since 1853. Bart shows us a pair of jeans he has been wearing for the past 20+ years, without ever washing them! I know how that sounds, but I promise you, this man is fresh-to-death! Dockers® design team are not only  making sure they do their bit to preserve the garments themselves but also the planet we reside on. "Disposable fast fashion is the antithesis of sustainability. Great sustainable style starts with durable materials that last - something Levi Strauss & Co. knows a lot about as the inventors of the original blue jean." Dockers Wellthread "Dockers® Wellthread goes beyond the fabrics and design to the people who make the collection. Levi Strauss & Co. has long worked to ensure the labour rights and health and safety of apparel workers in their contract factories. The company is now piloting a new approach with factories to support programmes that will improve the lives of workers in factories around the world."

Good on ya Levis & Co.

Dockers Welltread

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