MUSIC: Then Vs Now - The Weeknd Vs Siouixsie and The Banshees...Who wins?

Let us know who gets your vote… Then or Now? 

The Weeknd Vs Siouixsie and The Banshees

Mixtapes given away for free seem to be the way to get around having to pay up royalties whilst still ripping some of the cool points classic hits will buy you. The Weeknds perfectly executed (and my favorite of the 3) free release "House Of Ballons" mix tape gave us one of his most recognizable tracks "House Of Balloons". Borrowing heavily from the 1980 moderate hit "Happy House" by Siouixsie and The Banshees this is a definite highlight of the 2011 release. He even sticks to the original chorus. If it aint broke…