TSG’s NEW // NOW // NEXT Feat. Dornik, The Weeknd and Phlo Finister

Every month I offer up opinions on the latest tunes the world wide web has to offer in a feature we’re calling New/Now/Next. This week we take a look at the recent Alt-R’n’B acts causing a stir. We have a former model who is definitely a showing that there is more her than just a pretty face, a guy who erm, has no face and the latest tune from the crowned prince of the movement The Weeknd.



PMR Records seem to be on of the only labels signing UK acts that don’t make music specifically for the Radio One Weekender. Void of the big shouty crowd pleasing choruses their roster is home to the more subtle but still successful Jessie Ware and house tinged duo Disclosure. Once again PMR seem to have gotten people excited with the mysterious emergence of newcomer Dornik. Dornik's debut release “Something About You” has people making links to the summery vibes found on Frank Oceans Mistake Nostalgia Ultra. Whilst I understand the comparison instrumentation wise- I have to disagree. To me this sounds like a logical progression from the 80’s UK soul scene. I hear Loose Ends vibes and even a little lovers rock influence vocally. None the less- its refreshing to hear a record from a male UK R’nB/Soul singer that isn’t littered in sexual innuendo in this post Trey Songz bare chest and tattoo world we seem to live in!

The Weeknd


Seems like a recent trip to Japan has had an influence on Canadian Singer/Songwriter The Weeknd. Gone are the somber grey visuals we’re used to and in their place are bold graphics and colourful logos. Just over 6 months after the release of the album Trilogy Abel is back with what appears to be the first single off the new album “Kiss Land”. The single, also called “Kiss Land” isn’t far from what we have come to expect from the singer. More introspective accounts of sexual relationships and his drug and alcohol consumption seem to be on the menu here. What doesn’t seem to be available to order is anything that resembles a real melody. The absence of a real melody does create an unsettling vibe- which could be what he was going for, but I kind of miss the big samples and soaring vocals. Here’s hoping there's more of that on the album due later this year.

Phlo Finister


If you’re feeling starved of some character pop since Lana Del Rey has been away crafting her new record then look no further. Phlo Finister is here to take a darker approach on what Ms Grant achieved last year. She’s been bubbling for a while with the release of various videos and features but seems to be picking up some steam with the anticipated release of her Poster Girl EP due to drop on July 29th. Whilst she’s yet to really connect 100% it does seem like she's working towards a big moment. From what I hear she’s now based in London and working on new material. Keep your ears open, I reckon she’s about to make some noise after her appearance at this years Wireless Festival.