Every month I offer up opinions on the latest tunes the world wide web has to offer in a feature we’re calling New/Now/Next. This week we feature 3 rising stars all under 21. They may not be able to legally drink in some States but all three certainly know how to handle themselves behind a mic. From a ratchetly rebellious Teen star to one of the UK's brightest and we also feature a girl with a voice so good you can barely tell her apart from  Mariah Carey


It's safe to say Miley Cyrus has been embracing this new wave of "ratchet"culture with open arms. The former Hannah Montana hit maker and Waka Flockas new best friend and has been seen twerking all over the net- which doesn't have seemed to stopped hip hop royalty taking her under their wing. Miley has been in the studio with both Snoop and Pharrell, much to the amazement of many a fan. But the first single from the as yet untitled project has just hit the net and isn't half bad. There are quite a few unnecessary drug references and a generic sing along chorus, but the track screams radio (minus the molly's) and could set Miley up for the commercial cool points she's always wanted. Someone's definitely been listening to some Nelly Furtado and Gwen Stefani! 



People have been trying to declare the return of the 'big voices' in pop music for some time now. Well, with Nickelodeon stars singing like Ariana Grande- I may just have been convinced. She may appear on the hit show "Victorious" but it seems music is definitely running through her veins. After being mildly impressed at how well she does as a Mariah Carey tribute on "The Way" featuring Mac Miller- I had kind of written her off. That was until I stumbled across her YouTube page which shows the 20 year old doing everything from covers of Mariah songs to duetting with the legend that is Patti Labelle. I have heard of no plans for a follow up to the US top 10 record, but one things for sure- they would be crazy to not realise what they have over there. a Cheryl Cole lookalike that can sing like Mariah?! Kerching!


He's probably to blame for more than a few broken heels and hurt backs after having a hand in crafting one of the biggest dance tunes this year. MNEK, who co-wrote "Need U (100%)" which featured vocals from AME is back in the spotlight all on his own with his cover of Jennifer Lopez's debut single "If You Had My Love". For anyone who has been following MNEK, you'll know this crazy talented teen has set the world abuzz without even gifting us with enough original material to warrant a spotify playlist! With hit's popping up everywhere from this young man it makes the mind boggle as to the gems he could have hidden for himself! Look out for new material from MNEK this year!