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Every month I’m going to offer up opinions on the latest tunes the world wide web has to offer in a feature we’re calling New/Now/Next. This week is dedicated to the GIRLS; a new joint from veteran M.I.A., A Meek Mills featured cut from emerging star Bridget Kelly as well as a newcomer worth paying attention to…  

NEW: Chloe Howl- Rumour


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I love pop music. The kind that doesn't try too hard, that just keeps it's head down and gets on with delivering exactly what people want. Enter Chloe Howl a 17 year old newcomer who has definitely got me excited. Its as though she realized she's too young to be as middle of the road as Adele (yes I said it!) and yet manages to cram enough attitude and technique into her vocals to distance herself from Lily Allen. With "Rumor" she walks the line between the two effortlessly. Bubbling with melody and steeped in personality the songs 80's synth and bounce are hard not to like. And I checked out her soundcloud- theres more where that came from!


NOW: M.I.A- Doobie



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From the very beginning of this one you can smell Danja all over it. From the hard hitting marching band-esque drums to the synth lifts it contains all the elements we've come to expect from Danja. And for the first time in a while it works! Even though I know she's speaking my native tongue as usual with M.I.A I don't understand half of what she's saying. But I don't care! As long as I can sing along with the "I spy with my little eye" hook, I'm good. I'm going to make my own edit of the track at some point, cutting out another of Danjas signatures- the extremely lazy sounding middle 8. But aside from that, it sounds like M.I.A has a little banger on her hands. Please note: I said banger, not commercially viable single.


NEXT: Bridget Kelly ft Meek Mill- "In The Morning (Remix)"



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Neyo on the pen, Bridget on the mic, Meek on the feature? Sounds good to me. And it is. Is it me or does Bridget really sing like she's been through something? Theres just an honesty in her delivery that I don't hear from a lot of R'nB women. Once again Neyo offers up stellar melody and lyric which only goes to further emphasize Bridgets story telling capabilities. Having said that, this isn't the heart wrenching ladies anthem Bridget will inevitably deliver to us at some point. But it is a nice taster to work her further in to the view of the masses. Meek is a welcome addition and his laid back flow works perfectly with the overall sound. I'm going to pray this lady doesn't get lost over there at Roc headquarters- she's clearly got a lot to offer.