TSG's Ones To Watch (2013)

TSG's Ones To Watch for 2013 Looking back, 2012 was definitely a musical year to remember, Emeli Sande served up the UK's biggest selling album "Our Version Of Events" (over 1 million copies in the UK alone!), Taylor Swift dipped her whole foot into the pop world with the monster that is "RED" and who can forget the rainbow of genius displayed on Frank Oceans "Channel Orange". But in true TSG fashion we're done looking back and I'm going to guide you through 5 of the hottest tips for 2013.


To Watch 2013


OK so my first pick is a bit of a cheat; they've already won the BBC's sound of 2013 and released their first single, "Don't Save Me" at the tail end of 2012. However, the Haim sisters are set to rule 2013 with their brand of "Nu-Folk meets R'n'B". Their stunning harmonies lay so effortlessly over the early 80's influenced instrumentation that I have no doubt we'll be hearing a lot more from these ladies. And to top it off check out the video to their funky single "Forever"- at 2mins 42 seconds they offer up what can only be described as a homage to Destinys Child with their "Say My Name" inspired choreography. Whats not to love?


Etta Bond x Raf Riley

Their 2012 Mixtape- Emergency Room was the perfect introduction to the gruesome twosome (I say that with love!) and their twisted brand of Urban "left field" Pop (see Boring Bitches video above). Beyond the provocative lyric and chopped and screwed production you can really hear that Raf knows exactly what he's doing behind that desk. Teamed with Miss Bonds airy brand of to the point soul Emergency Room made for a compelling listen. It'll be interesting to see if they move forward as a pair or go their separate ways. Either way we're in for a definite treat as I hear they're working on the follow up to Emergency Room as we speak!


Purple Ferdinand

This East London based tattoo artist has created quite the buzz for herself over the past 6 months. Armed with just her ukulele and disarmingly honest vocals- Purple is poised to be the cool kids new obsession. Quietly soulful her live showings have showcased songs that speak of modern love stories from a really matter of fact perspective. I for one am definitely excited to hear the direction she's taken after her recent studio sessions!



We've had all the signs that this was coming. Noone paid attention when trend setting designer Jeremy Scott adopted Korean Superstars 2NE1 as his new muses and the general public seemed to ignore the fact that Billboard deemed the genre significant enough to launch the Korea Kpop Hot 100 in August 2011. But no-one  could fail to notice Mr Gangnam-Style himself, PSY. Please rest assured he isn't anywhere near the cream of the K-crop. Personal favorites 2NE1 have recently been stateside shooting adidas campaigns and working on their debut US album with Will.i.am. Whilst South Korea's biggest boy band Big Bang recently sold out Wembley Arena to rave reviews! With big budget videos and the talents to match its time we prepared for a Korean invasion!



With 6 years already under their belts, these boys have already outlived the careers of many a grime MC. And all this before any of them have turned 21?! Hailing from the East side of London these Bow lads have already started demanding attention with the help of lead buzz single "Fire Up". Shizz, Tempz, Merkz and K Willz all genuinely seem to have the personality and talent both fans and radio crave. It's like they've stepped out of some sort of grime boot camp- from the polished visuals to measured professional performance. But hey- what do you expect from a group who've managed to clock up more years in the game than half the x-factor winners.

Remember where you heard this first people.