TSG’s Ones To Watch (2014) feat. Kwabs, Ella Eyre, MNEK, Isaiah Rashad and more


I first saw Kwabs on a BBC documentary where drum and bass legend Goldie searched the UK for musicians to be a part of a special performance at Buckingham Palace. Even back in 2011 it was clear to me that the man with one of the richest tones I had ever heard would be making waves soon enough. Fast forward to a slow day at the office when I ran across his cover of “Wilhelm Scream” and the Goosebumps returned. His intonation, his tone, his timing, his runs- I think he takes the crown for my favourite male vocalist from the UK in some time! Clearly I’m not the only one with this opinion as 2013 saw Kwabs ink his record deal with Atlantic Records with taster “Perfect Ruin” recently released as a pre-cursor for the album to follow in 2014. I have already set aside my £9.99 for this album- be smart and follow suit!




Ella Eyre

It’s been a big year for Ella Eyre. She had one of the biggest hits of the year alongside Rudimental with “Waiting All Night”, featured on the monster track from Naughty Boy’s Hotel Cabana “Up All Night” and had super label Capitol highlight her as their priority for the coming year.  All the exposure has meant she’s been doing the rounds on the aforementioned artists tours- where she seems to be stealing the show! Dating 2013 hitmaker and fellow Rudimental collaborator  John Newman makes perfect sense when you hear her solo work, which has a definite throwback vibe.  The former BRIT school student isn’t leaving it until the new year for her takeover either; her debut EP “Deeper” will be available for download on December 15th. Check out the single below:




It feels like a bit of a cheat choosing MNEK. We’ve been well aware of this young man for quite some time, owed to the already stellar catalogue of hits he’s written for the likes of The Saturdays, Duke Dumont and Rudimental. The 19 year old south Londoner has cast aside his collaborators and is setting up to claim 2014 in style. After inking a new deal with Virgin Records and launching his website www.mnekofficial.com it looks like the ball is well and truly rolling. With a voice well beyond his years and a clear talent for penning a hit it seems there’s no telling where he could be this time next year. You’ve probably already heard his take on the various classics he’s gifted us over the past year but head over to his site to check out a nice little mini mix he’s uploaded- it’s even got a nice lil spoken intro!





After watching the TDE cipher on the BET awards this year most were left reeling over Kendricks jabs at certain “pyjama wearing” rapper. I however, was curious as to who exactly this Isaiah Rashas guy was. He absolutely murdered his turn- delivering a slickly delivered, well performed verse that had the twitterverse excited (after they’d gotten over Control). Now, after the initial hype has faded Isaiah has returned hoping to alert people to his warped and woozy brand story telling. Newest release “Ronnie Drake” featuring TDE’s newest member SZA definitely has heads banging and leaves me excited to see exactly what else is coming. He’ll have to wait his turn whilst the rest of the crew release albums at the top of the year but I have a feeling the public demand in 2014 may have him jumping the queue!





I’m sure all of us have found ourselves chanting “I Don’t Care- I Love It” at some point this year; either on a drunken night out or whilst listening to the track on one of its various ad placements. Every time this happens Miss Charlotte Aitchison is getting paid!  Her high energy, spoken-sung vibes have already caught on aftyer featuring on the previously mentioned Icona Pop tune “I Love It” (she wrote it!)  and looks set to continue with single “Superlove”.  At the tender age of 21 Charlie is almost a vet in the game having released her first single at 14. Since then she’s changed labels and musical direction – seeming to have made the decision to run head first into the world of Pop. I Love the melody on “Superlove” which works as evidence that the Icona Pop superhit wasn’t a one off. She’s selling out US tour dates fast so the American’s have recognized the talent- it’s time you do too!