WORDS: Melanie Fiona Writes Open Letter to Lauryn Hill After Surprise Show

Lauryn-Hill-surprise-show-in-Brooklyn-final25 One of the main reason The Street Gypsies exist is to pay homage to some of the creatives in the game who have inspired us and continue to do so, well this week "Miseducation" star Lauryn Hill surprised everyone with a one off show in Brooklyn at The Music Hall Of Williamsburg- images can be found below.

One of the attendee MS Lauryn Hill left a mark on is Canadian R&B artist Melanie Fiona; who was inspired enough to write an open letter to Ms Hill, letting the her know how much of an inspiration she is to herself and others (including us) all over the globe. Have a read and let us know your thoughts.

I have had many blessed, spiritual, and unforgettable moments in my life… But none more inspiring and life altering than last night. For those of you have ever listened to my music as a full body of work, heard any of my interviews, or have been to any of my live shows… Knows, that Lauryn Hill is a driving force of inspiration in everything I do. There would be no first audition for me if couldn’t sing her version of “his eye is on the sparrow”… There wouldn’t be “Felony Miona” …. There wouldn’t be the artist you see today who isn’t afraid to bare her soul about life and love. And last night, I got to tell her that. After seeing her murder the stage…I personally got to express my teary eyed gratitude. A REAL dream come true for me. Lauryn Hill is the true essence of artistry that I aspire to represent… One who can break barriers, colour lines, industry standards, and ignorant minds… All while making amazing heartfelt educated music. My life will never be the same… It will be better… For what I received last night in energy and inspiration will most definitely make me a better artist and woman in this industry. You will feel it. Thank You #LaurynHill… You are singlehandedly, hands down, the greatest to ever do it ALL… Triple Threat… And to inspire a musical generation so starved that we still anticipate any and everything that you will do in the future. With Love, Respect, Support and Gratitude, MF xo

Images from Lauryn Hill show in Brooklyn